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behind the scenes

at a gallery opening!

I am willing to bet most people have no idea how much time and effort go into preparing for and setting up a gallery show. I really hadn't ever thought about it, and though I've only had tiny glimpses of what's gone into this, I am truly astounded. Beyond making the art itself in the first place, there's the packing of everything (and it's oh so FRAGILE!!), the transport ("hey Dad, are you, your truck and trailer busy this week??"), and then the actual set up of the space -- which amounts to a complete room reno with every new show!

Thankfully, this gallery has a curator and an assistant to help with the big things (moving walls, hanging shelves, painting) allowing the artist to work on site specific repairs (I did say fragile, right?) and details.

Oohhh! what's in the big box???

repairs underway

oh so fragile!

exhibiting artist toolbox -- keeping the local hardware store in business!
Deep Cove is a lovely place to visit for the day …

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