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What's next?

Packing is well underway because of course it means a whole lotta sorting, donating, recycling and throwing out in the process. We're not actually downsizing -- the "new" house is actually a bit bigger than this one -- but this is like doing the two decades of spring cleaning we should have done! It's good -- I feel like this house is somehow sitting lighter on its foundation now.

In spite of the fact we have brought boxes and boxes (and boxes!) of books to the Rotary club for donation (most of them dredged up from the crawlspace), I ordered a few new ones in anticipation of the move. I take the Hermione Granger approach to all new situations.... when in doubt, find book for reference (for anyone who isn't a Harry Potter fan).

Floret Farm is an amazing resource in the local, organic flower movement (I'll likely have more to say on that in future posts). Food preservation in many forms via the folks at Well Preserved will become important if the 3 feet of snow…

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