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when you eat your veggies do you eat the uglies first?

For the most part, "the harvest" is in. Meaning things have either been eaten, or pulled for storage, or killed by frost, or demolished by deer. There are a few hardy greens out there still, but mostly we've entered the second season of farming (there are only two) -- the one where we prep and plan for the following growing year. This includes planting some hardy stuff like garlic and flower bulbs and these Haskap berry bushes! (photo cred: My Guy) Here's how the harvest for storage numbers have rolled in for this first season: 227 lbs of potatoes15 lbs of beets110 lbs of carrots a dozen winter squashand tomatoes! So. Many. onions, grated zucchini, pesto, chimichurri, frozen packs of kale, chard, peas, beans and one pie's worth of crab apples.... We won't be hungry this winter!Admittedly it isn't all pretty -- real vegetables, organically grown, sometimes aren't. But we eat the uglies. In fact, we eat them first because I suspect they won&…

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