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eat your vegetables

Hey you! Put down that over-processed, over-packaged, micro-sized Halloween packet -- those are for the scary things that'll knock on your door Halloween night. In fact, those little nuggets of unpronounceable ingredients might just be the most frightening part of Halloween altogether!

Instead, I bring you this orange and black, super easy to whip up concoction -- Brazilian Carrot Cake! You're welcome!

I'm not gonna lie. Saying this is "healthy" would stretch even my expansive imagination beyond breaking. This one definitely leans more heavily towards "soul food" than "whole food" but -- it has carrots in it! And while it's certainly worth making as is, I did make a few tweaks to the recipe to help justify the indulgence: I used unrefined coconut oil, a minimally refined sugar, and flax eggs (because the ones our girls lay are PRECIOUS! and rarely used for baking).

For more on which oils are best to use, check out this chart on "Eati…

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