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an apology and a promise

My Amazing Cousin sent me a message the other day, about sounders of wild boar who ravage gardens in her adopted Italy -- which of course had me looking up "sounders." Sure enough, a grouping of wild pigs is indeed called a sounder -- and yes, they are noisy. I asked.

Who doesn't love the often bizarre and sometimes inexplicable names given to groupings of things? A Murder of Crows (the classic example), a Cauldron of Bats, a Labor of Moles, lists abound on the internet.... And naturally when there isn't an "official" term applied to a grouping, it's fun to make one up. My all time favourite, which I think I read on Facebook some time ago, is an Apology of Canadians. How good is that, eh?

Of course, technically, collective names are only given to groupings of animals, but if we're going to make them up anyway, then why limit ourselves there? I'm going to propose that we call these....

... a Promise of  Peonies.

Alliteration isn't even requir…

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