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wire chicken 2.0

Early last year, when I dreamt of having chickens -- but thought there was no way we would ever actually get them -- I squished together a bundle of chicken wire My Guy gave me ("for an art project") and made a loosely chicken-shaped sculpture for the garden. It wasn't great, but it was swallowed up quickly by the expanding catmint and pretty much forgotten about when THE REAL CHICKENS arrived! Sigh. I do miss them.

We are not hosting backyard birds this year, so I've gone back to my wire creation and spruced her up a bit, including a scribbly red wire wattle and comb for realism.

She's not hiding in the catmint anymore either -- I've put her where the girls used to peck around.

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a website asking me to link to a page on their site. Their mandate is to "make all the world's art accessible to anyone" -- wow, that's a big task.  They feature many artists and sell art by commission. So, if anyone out there want…

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