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5 days in September

Betty, our late elderly cabin neighbour, once said that our lake "has many moods". She was right, and I think that's true of our little cabin as well. Overflowing with friends and family it's a "more the merrier" hub with room for all! When it's just the two of us? It's a cozy, quiet little getaway. And alone, as I did earlier this month, it's an unbeatable little retreat, probably more along the lines of what Michael Pollan described in A Place of My Own than the transcendental experience of Thoreau's Walden(which I have not read, just read about).

Was I lonely? Nah... not with critters all around to watch and interact with.

In fact at one point, a squirrel scurried into the cabin and across the room. I then couldn't find her anywhere until, about an hour later when I was almost convinced I'd hallucinated the whole event, I saw her scurry back out again. She was a very quiet roomie indeed.

Was I bored? No way... there were many proj…

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