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Some months ago my enthusiastic daughter-in-law suggested that several family members join together in a round robin quilt project much like this one way back in 2016... This time there were 6 quilters included and though everyone is related to someone else in the group, we aren't all related to each other. Quilting experience ranged from darn near expert levels to complete newbies and personal tastes and preferences ranged just as broadly! Even more challenging though was the fact that each quilt traveled -- back and forth between Ontario and BC (twice!) and as well as across the province (like migrating geese?). Although each quilter didn't see her own quilt in progress once she sent it off after the first round, there was a fair bit of sharing and advice giving behind the scenes. It is stressful to work on someone else's project under any circumstance, but when it's the project of someone you genuinely love, it's doubly important to get it right!

The finished qu…

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