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Not a bush but a beverage. Shrubs are also called Drinking Vinegars and they've been around for a long time! Like many things, they're seeing something of a revival of late.  They're super easy to make, especially now during berry season. I'll walk through the steps, but really all the big names in internet food prep have instructions (and opinions) on how to make 'em (like Food 52,the kitchn,serious eatsbon appetit etc.)

Start with fruit -- one cup, two, whatever you have. These raspberries grow in our driveway:

Add an equal amount of sugar, real sugar, and remind yourself that you'll only be using a tablespoon or so of the final product in a large glass. It's okay. Just do it!

Mix the sugar and fruit, cover and put in the fridge for a day or two.
The fruit will mush and the sugar will dissolve and you'll have syrup which you then strain into another bowl. Press the fruit to squeeze out all the juices. It's okay if the sugar isn't fully dissol…

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