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chick check

Way back on July 24th a special parcel arrived in the mail, expanding our farm population exponentially and sending us on a learning curve with the trajectory of a SpaceX mission... It's been two weeks and I finally have some non-blurry, non-eerie-red-heat-lamp glowing pictures to share. I was actually a little (okay, a lot) worried they wouldn't survive under my care, so I was hesitant to get excited about them, online at least.  As lots of people have been asking questions, I thought I might try a little made up Q-and-A format for this post. If I miss something here, though, please ask in the comments below and I'll answer if I can! Q: Hey dog, how many chicks did you get?A: We ordered 25 (the minimum order amount), but the hatchery "threw in" a couple extra -- yeah, like baker's dozen -- so we ended up with 27. One didn't make it past the third day, which is common and the reason for the "bonus" in the box, leaving us with 26. Q: Hey dog, what k…

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