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A David Letterman-style list of the top 10 signs you've fallen head over heels for the puppy that now shares your home:

10. You find yourself standing outside in the cold and dark in your pajamas, animatedly whispering "good boy! Yay! Potty!" so as to be encouraging while not waking the neighbours.
9. Your first thought of the day is "What park shall we go to today?"

8. Everyone's slippers have suddenly aged ten years and are rarely found in the same place they were left.
7. You hardly need slippers anymore because a warm puppy likes to lay on your feet when you wash dishes or prep dinner. 

6. Your living area is notably missing all the usual decorations, but paper towels and squirt bottles with various cleansing solutions are readily visible.
5. Every jacket or sweater you own has kibble in one pocket and compostable poop bags in the other. Your hands smell like chicken. 

4. You have an actual conversation with virtually every stranger you pass on the stre…

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