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19 is a prime number
19 is the atomic number of Potassium

It is the name of Adele's blockbuster debut album

Of course there was also Steely Dan's song, "Hey Nineteen" (for the older crowd)

19 is an impossible score in Cribbage (no combination of cards in one hand will add to 19)

It is the legal drinking age in all but three Canadian provinces

It is the clubhouse bar (the last stop) on a golf course

As a Roman numeral, XIX, it has a nice symmetry

And it has consistently been the number of eggs we've collected each week since we first got our girls!

"But wait!" you say, "the first week tally was a whopping 31!" -- and that would be because with the chickens came a complimentary first dozen of eggs. If we take the 31 egg total for that week and subtract the 12 starter eggs we get -- you guessed it -- nineteen!

And while you absorb the incredibleness of that information, let me share the girls with you from all angles:

 in profile and from behind

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