Do Over Suede

I picked up these green suede pants from the thrift store a few months ago.  I never, ever, intented to wear them.  Yipes. I just really liked the suede, and this is one of those thrift stores you can find leather stuff at ridiculously cheap prices.  They have sales too -- they almost give things away.  I might have paid $2 for these.  I might have paid less.

Lessons learned during construction:

1)  pins don't work in suede -- use clips and a leather needle -- and the new machine was totally worth it!.
2) a waistband makes a nice handle!

3) a remnant of upholstery fabric works for the inside,
and to solve the how-to-finish-the-raw-edge question
4) the pants pockets made great purse pockets!

Finished!  A real success too, unless you consider what I had in mind when I started was something like this.
In that case, it's a stellar failure. But, there's lots more suede left for another stab at it, another day.


  1. Hey - that is really cool!! It reminds me of when we were travelling through Crete in the early 80s with a couple from Toronto that we met on the boat from Greece to Crete. We were hiking through the countryside, and Paul found this old tall boot. He took it and cut the top part of it off, leaving the part that the foot went in. He said you never know when a piece of leather would come in handy. I was fascinated by his concept and have often wondered over the decades what he ever did with that old piece of heavy boot leather.


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