Measure Twice, Cut Once

The designer measured and drew, the builder (who's no longer available) measured and drew, and today, the architect (and/or an engineer) is coming to... you guessed it.... measure and then draw!  After a bit of a communication breakdown (how does this happen in the age of voice mail, cell phones, facebook and email?) I got a message yesterday to say he would be coming this afternoon.  I'm not quite sure who'll be doing the measuring -- there was talk of the architect getting an engineer to do it -- but no matter.  Someone is coming and it's one more step along a path which has no end in sight -- but it's still a good thing.
At every step, with every meeting, there are second thoughts.  Are we doing the right thing?  Yesterday, just after the appointment was set, as I was trying to absorb the meaning of it, I got in the car and turned on the radio.  There was Rich Terfry, CBC Radio2 announcer extrordinaire. His voice is comforting, calm, and what he says is always truthful, reassuring.  He is the voice of reason, and even though he's usually just talking about music and musicians, he has a knack for putting it all in perspective.  He introduced the next song,  "Architects and Engineers" by Guster-- did I mention the architect's name? It's Gus.  I think it's a sign. I'm just not sure what it means.


  1. I'm looking forward to following the reno story. I'm excited for you and the family. You will love it when it was done, and I'm betting you'll kick yourselves for not doing it sooner!!


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