Back to the Drawing Board

We've met with the architect and the designer.  There are drawings!  There are drawings of the house the way it is now, and drawings of the proposed changes.  Oddly, the ones of the house in it's original state don't look so bad.... you can't see in them the awkward configuration of the guest room and powder room/laundry. Angled hallways which are cumbersome in real life seem to flow on paper.  Room sizes are soooo deceiving.  Which makes the plans for the proposed changes suspicious.  Yes, they look good and make sense on paper, but what about when foundations are laid and walls are in place?  Will we then say, "Oh no... we should have ...."?
We talked through the purpose of each room, debated keeping, changing, removing or leaving fireplaces, windows and doors.  The architect pulled out yellow tissue paper and drew on top of the drawings.  Then he drew right on the drawings themselves.  Then I left -- because I had to go, not because I wanted to -- and in my absence it was decided he should rework some of the areas, in particular access to the backyard (or more acurately, the barbeque).  The open concept laundry area was also, thankfully, nixed. 
While we wait for new drawings, My Man and I need to work out logistics.  Where does the shed go (it has to move because the new room will be there)? Do we move out during construction or hunker down and make do, living in the upstairs quarters? Whether we move out or stay, furniture will have to move -- a lot of it -- either to a rental property or to storage.  Who will help us move?  Do we hire a company? Do we hire teenaged friends of the kids?  What about the dog?
We think. We plan. We wait.


  1. This sounds like a bigger reno than I thought. When we did our kitchen, we were lucky to have a summer kitchen in the basement. They say the top most stressful things in life are death, divorce, moving and renovations.... Why not just move to the cabin for the summer!? I know, I know, not practical or practicable.


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