Carnivore Convalescence

Ever feel like you'd like to wind the clock back a minute or two and just rethink that last move?

As he now has significantly more spare time on his hands, My Man has decided to take a more active role in menu planning (see top left of blog page).  I brought my Vegetarian Cookbook to the planning pow-wow for inspiration.  When it was all over, he looked at me, noticed a "je ne sais quoi" in my expression and said, "Well, we haven't had Pumpkin Soup in awhile..." 

I definitely detected a note of sarcasm.

NOTE: The posted menu said something like "M -- meat,  T -- meat, W -- etc...", but has since been changed to reflect the current week's menu, of course. I also need to make a correction, it wasn't all meat, but it did consist of things that are outside my usual repetoire (and kitchen comfort zone -- you know, Man Food.)  We survived, in fact we ate very well...


  1. You need to remind Your Man about getting gout from too much 'meat' in his diet. Hope healing goes fast!!!!!!!!!


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