Meeting of Two Minds

Today the designer and the architect will meet.  One is a dreamer who sees endless possibilities, limitless opportunities; the other has his feet very firmly (too firmly?) planted on the ground.  They each have concerns, but today they are going to hash it out, push and pull, weigh abstract ideas against realities like bearing walls, building permits and budget. We've been watching men's curling on T.V. and it seems to me the budget is like "the hammer" in the last end -- the one that determines it all, the one that can change the whole game, no matter what came before.  The question of budget is not simply what can we afford? not just what are we willing to spend? but also what is reasonable, for a house of this age, in this particular neighbourhood, with eventual resale in mind.  Lifestyle vs. economics. Dreams vs. practicalities. Designer vs. architect.


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