City Hall Episode 1

I made my first visit to City Hall; it will likely be one of several, so I've cautiously titled this post Episode 1, not knowing how many there may be in this mini-series.  I wouldn't want to end up like the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy "Trilogy" ... which totaled 5 books in all. Or, like Harold Camping's predicted "end of the world"... I'd have to keep "recalculating" till I got the number right.

At any rate, my first visit went something like this.  After circling all three parking lots and the underground for 15 minutes, I finally lucked out and nabbed a parking spot as someone pulled out. I found the permits department, took a number and was lucky enough to end up with this clerk. The couple next to me weren't so forunate, however, and got this one.

What I had to deliver there was this, what Artist Daughter has aptly named, "The Butcher House Story Book"...  It's huge!

Apparently, this is the format required for City Hall, but to me, it's looks like the Big Books used for Kindergarten class, and I just can't help picturing the engineering department looking something like this...

Bob The Builder Coloring Pages 3