As we wait for the structural engineer's report, the preparations begin! The strip of yard between the garage and the fence had become a bit of a no-man's-land... an easy place to store unsightly things like a large canoe, ladders and wooden odds and ends.  No one needed to pass there and no one could see it from the street or yard, but it will become, I think, the new access to the backyard.  At any rate, the builders will need to get in there once construction begins.

As it was a bright sunny day, and Baker Son was at home "doin' nothin", I seized the opportunity to tackle the growth there. Tenacious is the word that comes to mind to describe...

  • the blackberry tentacles creaping out from under the fence, threatening to consume the canoe.

  • the never-say-die clematis enveloping both sides of the fence.

  • the four-legged, long-tailed black critter that made a nest on top of the smokehouse. It scurried away as Baker Son and I screamed girlishily and ran (in the same direction... it was the only way to go!).  We returned soon after to clear away the nibblies that made up it's nest, as well as the raspberry canes growing close by (summer provisions?)... then a pointy-nosed, small-eared face peered around from behind the smokehouse, letting us know it wasn't planning on moving house any time soon. Tenacious.

  • But tenacious too are the Columbine and Lily of the Valley that have popped up throughout the gardens to announce that neither will they easily give up their grip on this location.
Somehow I find that kind of tenacity quite comforting.