Waiting for a Miracle

After a panicky few days where no one seemed to be answering any of my emails and I had visions the architect and designer had skipped town with the meagre retainer we'd given them, I finally heard from both.  The plans are nearly done.  The structural engineer will get to add his/her two cents worth (actually, I think it will cost slightly more than that for this advice), and then, before the week is out, two things should happen!  1) hard copy plans will be delivered to our door, and 2) the proposal will be submitted to City Hall. Why those two words, "City Hall" always seem to strike fear into my heart I blame entirely on T.V. shows of the 70s.  The Brady Bunch, The Partridge Family, even Three's Company all, I believe, at one point had a segment themed around the phrase, "You can't fight City Hall".  Of course, they all manage to in the end, but I know life's not a sitcom and if City Hall says, "No way," we're toast. 

So, we have time for another musical interlude... this one inspired by the recent appearance of Bruce Cockburn on CBC Radio's program, "Q", especially since Bruce has been around since before 70's sitcoms, and he's an expert at fighting authority at City Hall or anywhere else... and at least the title works thematically too.


  1. You won't be toast. Nice to see you've moved away from your All Meat, All The Time diet :)


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