When One Thing Leads to Another

When we began thinking about a reno for the house, we started with, "We really need to something about this kitchen." Then we thought, "And, we need a real guest room."  Which led to, "Wouldn't a media room be nice too?  We NEED a media room." Of course, while we're at it, we may as well update the entire first floor.... why put a new kitchen next to a dated and unused living room? And if the inside is updated, we should do something about curb appeal, namely the front and garage doors, the siding and the window frames. 
No, we really didn't think things through until the ball started rolling, which is probably how it always goes.  So when I went outside to garden yesterday, with the first warm weather we've seen this season, it suddenly really dawned on me that the yard and gardens will need some major renovations as well.  Yes, somewhere in the back of my head I knew this, but I could ignore it while things were still brown and frozen.  Now that those poor perennials are popping out of the ground after their lazy sleep-in, they are waking up to find it's time to move! Some will be relocated in the backyard, but some will have to move streetside as well. The only boundary to this reno is our own lot-line!