Chess anyone?

It occurred to me yesterday that our backyard activities are like a giant chess game.  Slowly, step-by-step, we are moving everything from one side of the yard over to the other.  It's a pretty one-sided game at this point.  On Monday, I (single-handedly) moved 80+ cement tiles (1 ft X 1 ft) from behind the garage to the far back corner of the yard -- the heaviest things always seem to have to move the farthest. Yesterday, the family crew were more enthusiastic than the day before, and together we cleaned and re-installed most of the glass in the relocated greenhouse.  We also removed several perennials... they'll be waiting it out in a friend's garden until the spring.  Still to be transferred are the contents of the shed, a couple of ladders and several piles of lumber.  The yard just may tip over before construction begins on the "empty" side.