Decision-Making 101

Last night was a decision-making meeting with The Designer.  She tried to ease the pressure... "it's just a guideline", "everything can be changed later".... and it got me thinking about decision-making personalities and how different people approach the task in a different way.  Are you the type to make a quick decision, go with it, and never look back?  Do you labour over each detail for hours, days, weeks, even after the decision has been made?  Do you prefer deferring the task to someone else, asking "what do you think" or "what would you choose between these two..."? Do you feel railroaded by others' opinions? Do you flip-flop -- make a decision, reverse it, and go back to the original again? Do you just get angry, because you hate being forced to make decisions in the first place.

I think we went through all those tactics last night... and we didn't have to choose much more than whether or not to keep the wood fireplace and the style of the front and garage doors!  As of this morning, the fireplace goes... overturning the previous decision, made weeks ago, to keep it.  All we know of the garage door is that it will have windows.  And I had narrowed the front door down to 4 styles.... until I asked the kids what they thought. This one will take more deliberation.

Damn I hate making decisions!


  1. But in the end, the right ones will be made.

  2. By the way, how did a kitchen reno turn into replacing the garage doors. Wait a second, I don't think I really want to know... :)

    I still remember when Bro was 19 or so, in Alberta somewhere and there for a job interview. He called me late one night completely overwhelmed because they were asking him questions about life insurance and taxes and estate planning and the like. Here was this kid, alone in a strange hotel room, calling his big sis trying to make serious decisions. It was tough. I wasn't much more knowledgeable than him. In the end, seems it all worked out. I wonder if he remembers that.


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