"The reno" is always on my mind.  I'm constantly free-associating... everything I see, hear, experience, takes me back to some aspect of the renovation-to-come.  Remember Joe Jackson's "Is She Really Going Out with Him?".  I heard it the other day, and the lyrics in my mind changed to, "Are We Really Gonna Do This Thing?"  The answer to that is, "Yes. Yes we are." (You should read that with an Elvis' "Thank you, thank you very much" impression).  We've gone too far already to back out.  Not just because of the investments we've made in architectural drawings, the topographical survey, or the structural engineer's report. Not just because we applied for the building permit. Not just because of the fact that last week we gave the builder the okay to schedule us in. Mostly, it's because not to do it would be heart-breaking.  The house is not okay the way it is now.  It limits us; it disappoints us.  There is no going back.
So we've really passed the point of no return, but the path ahead is foggy, uncertain, and frightening.  Just what, exactly, have we gotten ourselves into?


  1. I guarantee you that at the end of the day you will love it and wonder why you ever doubted it. In fact, you will probably wonder why you didn't do it when you bought the house!!

    Sending hugs. Hang in there.....

  2. Thanks Barb. Support received and appreciated.


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