Pizza Dough Revisited

This was Sunday night's dinner, or part of it anyway...

"Grilled Flatbreads topped with Arugula, Feta, and Roasted Red Peppers,
drizzled with a Balsamic Vinegar Reduction"

Yeah, you're impressed, I know you are.  Don't you want to post that on your menu board next weekend? Thing is, the toppings (as fancy or plain as you like) are mostly just right out of the fridge....If you really wanted more work, you could do carmelized onions (slice an onion thinly, saute in a pan with a bit of oil for a long time on low heat, say 45 minutes long, till golden.  Or cheat, and cook 'em faster with a bit of brown sugar or Balsamic vinegar to sweeten). Check out the menu of some fancy-shmancy restaurant for other toppping ideas, like this one, or even this one.

Here are the tricky parts you have to do yourself:

"grilled flatbread" -- make pizza dough, or buy premade pizza dough from the grocery store.  After all the rising (or thawing) is done, make it into smallish rounds, or ovals, or any shape you think you can handle on the BBQ.  Grill on a medium-high BBQ, brushing each side with a tiny bit of olive oil as you go, till golden.  Watch them carefully, it only takes a minute for them to turn into my other specialty, "burnt offerings".

At this point, you can add coarse salt and rosemary and call them foccacia.  You can add pizza toppings and finish them in the oven and call them, well, pizza. Or, you can achieve gourmand status by throwing on fancy stuff and drizzling with the hard part....

"the hard part" --  Take your garden-variety balsamic vinegar (buy an expensive one if you must), put it in a saucepan and heat till bubbly.  Keep heating and stir often until it's reduced by half... somewhere between runny syrup and molasses. Done.  Go ahead and drizzle. There are recipes that will have you add honey or sugar, but balsamic vinegar is plenty sweet enough so don't.


  1. Yum! You are an inspiration. My Rancher's wife bought me two bread makers at garage sales in Kamloops ($25 for the two; both almost brand new, in box with the instruction books) and I'll pick them up next week when I'm there again. Can't wait! The turner thingy on mine broke and so I've been without for a while and didn't want to buy another new one. Now I've put her on the hunt for a pressure cooker for me...


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