Timing is Everything

In renovating a house, timing, it seems, is not only a critical concern, but also the most frustrating and uncontrollable one. Original discussions saw March Break as a possible start-date.  But as plans needed to be mulled over and revised, that date came and went and we were looking more at June-ish.  July 1st then became a goal to work towards, until the builder came for a look-see and announced that September was more reasonable... mid-September. "It's all just part of the game," says the designer.  And sure enough a week later we were informed that the ground-breaking crew could actually start within two weeks.  Hold on!  We're still waiting for permit approval! 
We've since heard from the permitting department that we need to build protective barriers around 4 trees.  This must be done and inspected before the permit is issued.  We'll get right on that, uh, soon.

You could say that My Man breaking his leg in the midst of all this was poor timing, but honestly, when is it a good time to break your leg?  It's poor timing as well to be moving around perennials right now, but what are our options?  We didn't know which to move, where, in early spring.  We can't wait for fall, or things will get trompled for sure with the pre-construction prep.  So, I'm digging them up and moving them -- a stressed perennial is better than none at all... and it feels good to be doing SOMETHING as I wait for things to happen.