Awesome Person Award #1

I suspect that along this perilous journey we will meet a number of truly wonderful people so I'd like to acknowledge the particularly noteworthy ones here!  Honourable mentions for the first award go to Sarah, who arrived white-faced and wide-eyed at the front door to drop something off, looking like she'd just made her way through a war zone (think Snoopy behind enemy lines).  Kudos to Liam, who dodged heavy machinery and clambered over a pile of rubble to get to the (less accessible by this time) door and pick up that something -- he was obviously reliving some Tonka Truck fantasy and was positively glowing by the time he made it in.

The award today, though, has to go to Dennis, the Dog Food Delivery Guy.  He walked the gangplank, 30 lb bag of dog food in hand and rang the doorbell. How awesome is that? The dog and I were equally impressed!


  1. You have your dog food delivered?

  2. Only if you have a dog:)

  3. Good points both! I need someone to deliver my cat food.


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