When the going gets tough....

... we go to the cabin!

We hit a snag last week.  Admittedly, it's not entirely unexpected, it's just one of our "worst case scenarios" realized. In brief, the existing garage walls won't do.... they need to be torn down and proper footings put in.  The upside? Now, machinery can access the yard from the front, which will be a lot easier than through the back where the neighbour is behind schedule clearing his stuff out of the way.  It also means, however, that before the builder can start, we not only need to empty and tear down the shed, but also remove all the garage contents.  Ugh.
So, we went to the cabin instead. Not that we were lazy; we did lots of chores there too.... the guys cleaned chimneys, transplanted trees and moved firewood, Environmental Son mowed the 2 foot high grass all around the cabin, I cleaned out the mud room...
After battling holiday traffic all the way home on Sunday, we weren't too happy to return and find the kitchen in a bit of a state.  But then we discovered this...
Artist Daughter and Baker Son had baked up a storm while we were away.... 5 graduated layers of chocolate and coconut.  Mmmmmm, heavenly... and the state of the kitchen was instantly forgiven!


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