name game

The conversation goes something like this... "It's for the fireplace surround." "Which fireplace surround?" "You know, the one in the, uh, family room...(?)" "Which one is the family room?"
And here lies the problem. We've reconfigured and re-purposed every room on the main floor, so now we also have to rename each one.  It hardly seems like a big deal, unless you're in the middle of giving directions... Is the "family room" going to be the new addition? How do we refer to the space that was the old family room? And what about the living room / kitchen area -- that might be even more family oriented as that's where the meals will be.  On the plans, it's the "Great Room", but that seems a bit ostentatious, and isn't the new addition pretty great too?
"I mean the one in the, uh, new room...." Well, they're all pretty new, aren't they -- and a name like the "new room" wears thin... as in when do you stop calling the baby, "the baby"?
Even the upstairs room are suffering from the same identity crisis.  The designer is calling what used to be the "main bathroom" the "boys' bathroom"... but now that Environmental Son has moved out, it's probably more accurately the "boy's bathroom". Environmental Son's bedroom is currently being referred to as "the temporary kitchen" and we can't wait until that room reverts to it's original purpose.

Aside from labelling rooms, I'm fascinated with the names given to the paint colours. There are quite literally thousands of paint chips in the Designer's kit, each one with a unique description. Here are the ones we've settled on:

  • ashley grey (for the bedrooms and "boy's bathroom") - who's Ashley?
  • grant beige (walls) - which is really more green than beige
  • copley grey (siding) - which is more green than grey
  • marshlands (exterior trim) - which sounds like it should be green, but is actually brown
  • cloud white (interior trim and doors) - which is pretty much right on, though the online chip looks yellow.
And in spite of the names, each of these colours looks entirely different once it's on the wall. So, what's in a name anyway?