Beauty and the Beast

No, the title of this post isn't a reference to our Designer and Builder Duo.  Nor to our Painting Partners... Neither am I referring to the house itself, which might more appropriately be a Cinderella story, or The Ugly Duckling-who-one-day-awakens-to-find-himself-transformed-into-an-elegant-Swan. I'm actually talking about the new chandelier for the dining area.

I went shopping with The Designer last week for light fixtures. While I didn't really know what I was looking for, I did know what I didn't want. No bling, no dangly crystals, no fake candles (and if I'm describing something currently gracing your own dining room, my apologies).  We looked through an entire warehouse of fixtures and finally found "the one" -- a statement, something unique, with all the right shapes. Sold.

It wasn't till we got it home and put the box in a back room that I noticed the label on it: "Walt Disney Signature". The Builder made the expected, "You bought a Mickey Mouse Chandelier?" quip.

Yeah, turns out there's a special line of light fixtures "inspired" by Walt Disney productions. Anyone want to guess where this one comes from? It makes me think "Beauty and the Beast" but I have no idea why...