We've been sticking to quite a neutral palette when choosing colours for the various permanent or "hard" details in the house -- "soft" details like drapery and furnishings will be a different story, but those come later.  As it was a very brown and beige house to begin with, we've leaned more to the greys and whites this time around, giving it quite a different vibe. Using neutral tones, though, means texture becomes an important feature... and I like that. The thing about texture is it makes you want to reach out and feel it, even though the actual surface may be smooth.  Here's a sampling:
floor tile in entrance, hallway, bathrooms, laundry
"rockwork" behind gas fireplace and TV in media room
cork flooring for media room, guest room and library
fir flooring in great room
tile insert in guest  shower

We picked our granite for the kitchen island this weekend and this adds another textural element... unfortunately, there weren't any samples to take home so photos will have to wait!


  1. Your Man's Older Sister18 October 2011 at 18:09

    Simply lovely. Simply elegant. Well done.

  2. thanks! We're really happy with things so far!


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