remote possibilities

We are awash in remote controls. There are a plethora of remotes in the house. And for a house this size, it seems a bit much. Really, let me show you...
These, are the remotes for the audio-video system in the Media room. Thankfully, the experts have amalgamated them all into one master remote for us. But, they warned us to keep the others on hand... just in case. We're having a hard time mastering the master remote, so that's probably sound advice. It doesn't eliminate the three we have for the upstairs TV, DVD and digital receiver, but it helps.

There's also this one:
a remote for the gas fireplace. Convenient, I guess, for when you're watching T.V. and want to adjust the room temperature...

And then there's this:
it's for the kitchen hood fan. Seems like overkill, no? We thought so too. Then, one night about 5 minutes into dinner, Baker Son reached beside his plate and quietly pushed a little button. The fan went silent. Ohhhhh, so that's why it's handy. Got it. Not really overkill at all.


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