what's left

We've passed our Final Building Inspection! and that makes it sound, and feel, like we're done... but we're not. We're close though. Here's the list of details to deal with:
  • install transitions between cork and tile flooring (2) -- on backorder
  • drapes for the media room windows and French doors and the sliding doors in the guest room/ den -- fabric on backorder
  • blinds for the laundry room and library (forgotten in the first order)
  • Larrie the tiler to seal the tile flooring throughout
  • painters to return for touch ups
  • counter-top guys to return for polishing / glue removal
  • empty POD and storage unit
  • get Harvest table from awesome brother-in-law
  • put up house numbers 
  • get volume knob from audio-video guys and have them fine-tune the surround sound
  • barn door needs a veneer to make it look more like a barn door
  • install door for audio/video component cupboard
  • get area rugs and bar stools
  • sew black theatre curtains for Baker Son's room
  • install fireplace doors
There are a lot of outside things too, but they may have to wait till the spring because WE'VE HAD THE FIRST SNOW OF THE SEASON!