channelling my inner Martha

Posts have been sparse lately, but so has progress. While we wait for the counter stools, drapes and barn door to appear, I don't feel inspired to make any "after" photos just yet. They are coming, and soon enough.
In the meantime, we've taken a break from unpacking (there are about 6 boxes left), to do some holiday decorating. An unforeseen complication has hit me.... while in the past decorating was fun and somewhat creative, I did have my stock ideas to draw upon and each year was simply a slight variation on what decorating had happened the year before. This year, things are totally different and I have no base to begin with. Things we've displayed for years don't feel right any more. Things we used to dress up aren't there any more. It feels odd to be putting up Christmas displays when we still have bare walls. I also don't want to clutter up our new open spaces with stuff. We're working on a less-is-more approach to this year's festivities. Simple and  pared down are the keys to our holiday decorating this year -- summed up nicely with Baker Son's declaration that the new house be a "no-doily zone."


  1. Your Man's Older Sister19 December 2011 at 14:59

    Looks lovely. Enjoy your 'clean slate'. We DIDN'T do a massive reno and yet we are also going with the simple and pared down approach to decorating this year. It's wonderful.


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