When we bought our cabin, it came with lots of contents. Most of them, we chucked. We hauled trailer load after trailer load of stuff to the dump.
Why we kept this little cube ottoman is a bit of a mystery, but we did.
We actually used it as it was for a few years... it was kinda handy to have around, but it began to deteriorate and when a gaping hole punctured the top it was time to show this little friend a bit of love.

The view from the top:
The view from the bottom:
And sadly, the view inside was no more encouraging:

I removed the old vinyl and the disgusting padding.  My Guy reinforced all the wood parts, though the sides are still just heavy cardboard. He put an extra layer of plywood on the bottom as well.  I covered it with new padding all around, made piping for the edges, and found some legs for it at Home Depot... 

If it looks a bit pink on your screen, let me assure you it's actually more of an orange and red stripe, but I couldn't seem to convince the photo software of that! Also, the piping doesn't seem as wonky in real life... or maybe it's just me (looking at my baby with the forgiving eyes of a mother).  Anyway, not bad for a first try at re-upholstering, and encouraging enough to move on to the next project.