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"Mum's Day Surprise Part 1"

I returned from a trip half way across the country on Mothers' Day to find 3 big surprises! The first was this (well, half of this, as Environmental Son and I finished the other half today...). I love how it frames the yard just a bit and makes note of the line between our garden (which is filling out nicely) and the neighbouring patch of dirt, weeds and suckers, don't you?


  1. Older sister of your man25 May 2012 at 07:54

    That's wonderful! I like it very much. My mother's day included breakfast in bed, a nature walk and visit to a rattlesnake den (saw about 30 rattlesnakes!!!), gifts of chocolate, many many hugs, some quiet gardening and knitting time for me and a lovely dinner. Pretty lovely.

    Glad you're home now.

    1. Wow! Not sure I can compete with a rattlesnake den visit -- pretty sure I don't want to. Glad your mother's day was lovely (as all should be)... more updates to come soon.


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