the veggie challenge

tomato blossoms in the greenhouse
Earlier this year, we purchased a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) share. This means that each week we go to the local Farmer's Market and pick up a pre-packed box of locally grown, organic produce. CSA programs benefit farmers -- providing income in the early spring when their costs are highest and ensuring a market for their produce throughout the season. It's a win-win situation, but there are challenges too; for the farmers, Mother Nature and an exceptionally high river are wreaking havoc with this year's crop plan.

kale in our garden
And for us, there is the "veggie challenge"; planning the week's menu around whatever is in-season and therefore in the box. We're only in week 2 and I can already see that my culinary creativity and Internet research skills will be put to the test this summer. Last week's challenge was sorrel; a new green for me. A timely recipe sent out by our CSA owners answered that one with a recipe for Fish and Greens.

This week's challenge was Rainbow Chard. I have to admit, it was so pretty, I almost put it in a vase. Instead, I found a recipe from Canadian Living magazine for Gomae. This is a cooked spinach and sesame seed dish usually found on the appetizer menu of a sushi restaurant and it's far tastier than that actually sounds. I've tried to make it before, but the results have always been very disappointing. The trick, apparently, is not to make it with spinach at all (there's the do-over connection)!

You'll find the link for that recipe by clicking here.
For more on CSA's , I recommend this memoir -- "The Dirty Life". It is my favourite book!
sun-kissed tomatoes!