I wish my sewing machine had an odometer...

so I would know how far we've travelled together.

These last few days, we've logged great distances in long straight lines... we may have crossed the equivalent of Saskatchewan.

And if it all looks a little monochromatic, never fear, I have a solution for that...
I've been measuring like crazy, but I'm essentially sewing blind here. Check back in a week or so to see if it all works out as planned and keep your fingers crossed along with me!


  1. Older sister of your man24 August 2012 at 16:10

    Thank you DoOver! So what IS it??? "Beige" twill cloth in bulk. Eight swaths of it no less. Green dye in bulk. Tape in bulk. Could it be curtains? It will likely go with the chair you just conquered. You know darned well it will turn out - your stuff always does! But since you asked, I'm keeping my fingers crossed... :)

  2. Older sister of your man24 August 2012 at 16:12

    Oh, and a rod! A curtain rod?!

  3. Older sister of your man24 August 2012 at 16:13

    One more thing...

    Prairie oysters...really? Do you know what they are?

    1. not that kind... it was the recipe title, but the weather was hotter than predicted and we had salad instead!


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