another 10 lbs of peaches!

 What our CSA fruit share lacks in variety, it makes up for in quantity -- last week's 10 lbs of peaches were a challenge met mostly by artist daughter; she answered my call for help with a huge batch of peach muffins (hello freezer) and a Peach Dutch Baby (deflating pancake-type thing) for breakfast. When this Sunday brought on yet another 10 lbs of the fuzzy things, she came up with a Spicy Peach Chutney recipe which we made together.

In the end, I had to resort to making a large pie to deal with the rest, even though it came only one day after the apple pie I made to use up the apples of two weeks ago.... who could have predicted that something as innocuous as a "fruit share" would prove to be such a challenge to our waistlines!

And no, I haven't forgotten to follow up on the canvas creation hinted at in the last post. Check back soon for the results...