sometimes things really are just that simple

The dog has had surgery. Her post-operative care includes administering 10 pills a day. As blog followers will know, this has never been an easy task with our dog-who-will-anything-except-prescription-medication. I started with peanut butter; a mounded spoonful with pills glued to it, dropped into a bowl of kibble, worked wonders. When we ran out of peanut butter, and I forgot to buy more, I turned to the fridge contents: folds of pastrami, tomato frittata, leftover lamb kebab omelette -- anything and everything became a potential medium for administering pills. But last night I was rushed, I was tired, and I just tossed the pills in the bowl of dry kibble and walked away. Wouldn't you know it;
pills gone. All of them. I did the same at breakfast this morning and sure enough, she gobbled it all. Go figure.

In sewing too, I'm learning to take a simple approach, breaking a few rules even... Like the "lots of messy stitching" encouraged by artist/designer Alisa Burke which I used on the latest shopping totes headed by post to Environmental Son... It's not straight, it's not even, it's not supposed to be! I didn't rip out a single stitch! And it was fun!

And then there's the raw edges, hand-stitching and simple embroidery of back-to-her-roots fashion designer Natalie Chanin. I'm using her techniques on this top, which is still under construction.
Simple, and beautiful. Simply beautiful!


  1. Older sister of your man11 September 2012 at 19:27

    Sigh.You are just so damned creative it hurts. I love your embroidery - I never mentioned how much I love the embroidery you put on my tote. The embroidery on the previous post is also simply beautiful.

    As for your dog and pill story, I'm not surprised. We have to administer Hairball Preparation to our CAT every so often. It is essentially tuna flavoured petroleum jelly in a tube. I would get the cat, hold her down and try to get it in her mouth by smearing it into her mouth as best as I could. She fought back of course, gagging and yelling and carrying on as such - it was awful. I later discovered that if I just put it on my finger, she would simply lick it off!

    So yes, keep it simple.


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