To follow up on the teaser post "I wish my sewing machine had an odometer", here are the results of that project:

Yep, blinds for the cabin -- 9 windows worth! They do a better job blocking light for anyone sleeping in the front room, and they tuck away completely for an unobstructed view during the day...

This really was a group effort with logistics input from My Guy, shopping and testing help from Environmental Son's Girlfriend (she really needs another title...), and, in the end, design advice from Artist Daughter and her Creative Friend -- who convinced me that it was risky to try dip dying the blinds as I had originally planned and better to leave things as they are. 

They were right, of course, but as I had all that dye with me, and cabin time on my hands, I needed to do something. So I got a lesson in gradient dyeing from the pro...

... and combined it with my

Ahhh! I like it!


  1. Older sister of your man11 September 2012 at 19:15

    I was pretty close! The new blinds look wonderful and will make a difference to sleepers in that room. Also, they won't be as dusty as those old 70's curtains! Well done DoOver!! Another huge success.


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