Do-Over inspiration from Oaxaca, Mexico:

bread + flowers makes wall art

discovering and reconstructing the work of ancient cultures (small pebbles in the mason cementing the rocks together is the international symbol of reconstruction)

using what's at hand: 
flowers, fruit, candles, beer bottles, and an angelic face

flower skeleton with sass!

ancient patterns - I'd like to repeat these on textiles somehow

making huge temporary pictures with sand, chalk and flowers

the shadow man -- he only appears at night! (I love this one!)

just one example of the many well-dressed skeletons that appear throughout the city 

an old metal cistern turned shed, with a window! 


  1. Older sister of your man10 November 2012 at 12:05

    Welcome Home!! I'm sorry I didn't talk to Your Man (or you!) before you left. Looks like you had a wonderful time in Mexico. I am really looking forward to seeing how these inspirations manifest themselves in DoOver's creations over the next weeks and months. They are beautiful, aren't they.


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