an excellent thing

There's a certain home-arts diva out there who popularized the phrase "Good Things" to describe the useful yet somehow wonderful stuff that makes life easier and, at the same time, more beautiful. This, is one of those things, but "good" just doesn't come close to describing it. So, I give you an "Excellent Thing" -- and it's excellent because:

  •  it organizes my thread spools so I can easily see the colours I have and how much is on each spool
  • the spools stay in place and don't fall over as I search through them, as they always did when I kept them in a drawer
  • I can store a spool of thread together with its accompanying bobbin and I can't begin to explain how important that is
I'm guessing all of these things seem rather dull to anyone who doesn't sew, but I guarantee this last point will win everyone over, regardless of your sewing knowledge or experience:
  • it was made for me, for Christmas, by Baker Son

Look, it's pretty from the back too!

And speaking of baking... I'm off to make a Red Wine Velvet Cake because, well, does anyone really need a reason to make something called Red Wine Cake other than the fact that it should, undoubtedly be, you know, an Excellent Thing! 


  1. Ohhhhhh - I love it! Will I sound too much like your sister-in-law if I say I want one too? It's gorgeous and oh so practical! What a clever son! I'd love to know how the cake turned out too. Anything with chocolate AND wine has to be a GREAT thing:)

  2. Older sister of your man20 January 2013 at 14:15

    So cool that this showed up on DoOver now because I was creeping your Pinterest site last week and noticed that you were asking for someone to make you one! I actually wondered, for a brief and crazy moment, if I would be able to make one for you. Good job Baker Son!! I love that you used different types of wood as well - so creative and talented - just like your Opa. I agree with Middle Sister's comments as well - and I'm totally fine with someone else coveting such a practical and beautiful work of art.

    Do post photos of the cake. Wish I could come and have some too. :)


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