something old, something new

Blog postings get skimpy before the holidays as most creative pursuits at that time are secrets... and things were frantic enough this year that pretty much nothing was photographed before it was wrapped and shipped! Instead, I give you raw materials....

something old:

Great-Grandma's curtains became lining for a bag, a clutch, and some fabric baskets and there is a precious amount left for another project or two. Lesson learned: fabric this old behaves strangely when you try to rework it!

something new:

Though recycling leather is still a favourite materials choice for me, my supply is dwindling and artist daughter prefers more animal-friendly options. Enter "Melton wool" -- definitely something worth playing around with a bit more...

say, for example, like this:


  1. Older sister of your man8 January 2013 at 18:38

    Is my clutch made of Melton wool? I thought it was suede! Hey DoOver, while I have your attention, I have a pale pink suede short skirt that I don't wear any more, and I think it would be a good DoOver project. It is lined with satin and really quite a nice piece. Your genius on this would be welcome...

    1. Your clutch is suede. Only the last project I made (seen above)has been made of the Melton so far. The pink suede sounds interesting... pants and skirts are the best sources of leather for recycling; they are sturdier and have fewer seams than jackets!


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