dual design

Opposites attract. So, although My Guy and I have a few likes in common (a love of all things wood, our kids, and the TV show Republic of Doyle), we are very different in many ways. This has never been more obvious than when planning the yard and garden design. Me? I like the look of the English Country Garden; a riot of colourful flowers of varying heights, an informal, ever-changing garden that's just unruly enough to be full of surprises. He, likes an asian-style zen garden; a simple, calming, peaceful and ordered design, something which features rocks and water as much as plant life and uses colour sparingly. This is us, side by side:

See what I mean? Opposites. So, it's time for some compromise, but to accommodate both styles in the same space probably wouldn't work for either. Instead, we're going to give our property a split personality -- front yard flower riot, back yard zen oasis. I think it will work.

What we both do agree on, however, is the importance of vegetable gardening. Well, sort of. My Guy is all about tomatoes and corn-- they're impressive plants, they can produce a big crop, and they taste way better when they come from your own yard than from the store or market. I'm all about the other stuff. Lettuce, peas, beans, scallions, carrots, whatever. If it'll grow here and it doesn't attract too many aphids, I want it. The veggies will go mostly in the back, but I plan to squeeze a few (rainbow chard anyone?) in the front as well.

As for the kids -- I don't really know where they stand on garden design; they've never joined the debate and I wouldn't make them take sides anyway. Baker Son does enjoy making kale chips and Artist Daughter wants cucumbers to pickle and herbs to clip. Environmental Son is understandably most concerned about growing organically but aside from that they really only seem to care about the "5 W"s of gardening --What to Water While We're aWay...

Here's a bird's-eye view of the back yard space as it looks now -- I suggest checking in over the next few months to see how it transforms...