kitchen gadget rethink

I dislike kitchen gadgets that do only one thing. One very specific, non-frequent thing. Like this one.

It's a "brownie cutter". Like a cookie cutter, but for brownies. It was a bonus gift, given to Baker Son at a cake decorating class. I thought it was pretty silly, especially when it self-destructed almost immediately in the baking drawer... and it languished there, unused, for several years.

Until yesterday when I discovered what it's really  for. I made Salted Caramel Brownies, for Valentine's Day of course. It made sense, then, to cut the brownies into heart shapes with the broken brownie cutter thingy.

And didn't I then discover that the best thing about cutting brownies into heart shapes is.... the little bitty pieces left over; the crumbs and the odd shaped strips that aren't fit to be presented to anyone, except the individual cutting the brownies in the first place of course!