not the best....

but definitely different.
We're talking mac 'n cheese -- and not the stuff that comes out of a blue and yellow box. I've made this classic dish in various ways -- with onions or dijon mustard, with ham or without, topped with bread crumbs or tomatoes, whatever. So I was intrigued when I read about making it without precooking the noodles. I used this recipe and followed it exactly: Film-maker Son liked it -- a lot -- but he likes the boxed stuff too (bunny boxes preferably), so it's possible his bar is set on the low side. I'd safely say it's far better to do the more labour intensive recipe where you make the cheese sauce and precook the noodles, but - in a pinch - this one is acceptable....

Observant blog followers will have noticed two small additions to the page.... I've added new lists to the columns on either side. On the left, is a recipe links list which is more for my own resource than anything. I like to cook from recipes, and I like to try new ones out regularly. Too often, though, I think, "I'd like to make that .... again. Where was that?" So, the links posted there will be things I've tried and think I'll do again (though I'm not so sure about the mac 'n' cheese). The Baked Spring Rolls listed there are really, really good -- we'll have them again tonight -- and, I think, better than anything deep-fried. There's a soba noodle recipe that I'm desperate to find again (hence the need for the list) -- if I ever do, I'll put it there too.

On the right side of the screen, I've included a list of things I'm reading, which you are welcome to peruse or ignore, however you are inclined. Note, these are things I'm reading (for book club or on my own), but not necessarily recommending! Feel free to ask about them though.


  1. I've put a soba noodle recipe on the list, though it's not "the one" I was looking for...

  2. Older sister of your man13 March 2013 at 18:50

    This avid DoOver Dog fan did notice the new sidebars. What an excellent idea. Then again, everything on this blog is EXCELLENT! I would recommend a book for you called Cutting For Stone by Abraham Verghese. As for the side bars, I see there is room for expansion as well. Is DoOver open to suggestions? This fan would appreciate a shopping list of ingredients, along with quantities and the recipes of course, of the things that would be needed for this week's meal plan. It makes sense when you think about it - only one of us has to do the meal planning and the result would be up to 8 or 9 (including Artist's Daughter's Boyfriend or Baker Son's Girlfriend) fed people each week! Think of the economies of scale! Think of the reduced stress on Older Sister of Your Man!! This, along with the recipes would make life so much easier and healthy for this avid fan!!! :)

  3. suggestion noted... but don't hold your breath. I'll look for the book though!

  4. ...and thanks for the blog love -- a little praise is always appreciated!

  5. Not sure why but the recipe links aren't working for me :(


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