please DO try this at home!

I can take no credit for this idea... Go to this blog: alisa burke bleach-painted-shoes, to find the instructions and go from this:

to this...

...using only bleach and a paintbrush!


  1. Older Sister of Your Man29 June 2013 at 09:14

    That's cool DoOver! It reminds me of when there used to be a wading pool at the park in the town where we grew up. One day we were just hanging around and came across the pool that had been emptied and the city was cleaning it and it was full of bleach foam. Don't know what prompted me, but I took that foam and started making bleach designs on my jeans! As I was still wearing them, of all things. It was so much fun to see the cloth transform right before my eyes. Must have been strong bleach! I recall thinking that I was going to get in trouble for ruining my jeans, but proceeding with the art anyway. I don't think I did get in trouble in the end.

    Anyhoo - I think I'll try this at home too! Thanks for the inspiration. xo

    1. Nice story! and a great idea too -- why not try it on denim... the possibilities are endless!


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