does art speak to you?

We like to walk through lottery homes. It's fun to see what the latest must-haves are in new house construction  -- and to count the number of TVs they can put into a single-family dwelling! On the last tour, we were intrigued by the decorative accents -- namely, strings of driftwood artfully laid throughout the house. Since then, I've seen them for sale in home-décor stores for great heaps of money!

So, of course, we made our own.

We gathered short sticks on our last trip to the cabin -- not technically driftwood, but wonderfully weathered nonetheless. We drilled holes in them, then the Engineer and Film-maker Son spent an evening stringing them up on fishing wire.

Today, we installed the result in the media room...

What really makes it interesting, though, are the shadows it makes on the wall... which I think look like Chinese characters! What do you think this string of logs might be saying?


  1. I think it says - Life is ... wonderful ... filled with wonder - and your "twig string" reminds me of the Christmas trees you made with Dad - only different :)

    1. yes -- you could definitely use weathered twigs to make great rustic Christmas trees!

  2. Older Sister of Your Man24 September 2013 at 08:29

    Fantastic DoOver! I have been collecting beach wood for years - maybe I'll make one too now that you've inspired me!!


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