daily dose

Most of us recognize the benefits of taking vitamins daily. Or the importance of that caffeine hit first thing in the morning. Daily exercise? -- great idea. So how about a daily creativity challenge?

Here's one I found using Instagram -- each day of the month of October is assigned a different word and the task is simply to photograph something inspired by that word, like...



"my favourite"

As with most healthy choices, one thing often leads to another. In looking for something "soft" I decided to haul out the winter wear from storage in search of a woolly sweater and ended up putting away the summer clothes -- a chore that had to be done, but was motivated by a different purpose. The end result of your challenge (the picture posted for example) isn't really even the point. It's all about flexing that creative muscle regularly to keep in good shape for when you might need it.

So, what might be your creative challenge today?