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Don't know if anyone actually looks at the recipe link list on the left right hand side of the page here, but if you do... man, there have been some good ones there lately! This soup, and this salad were the best winter dinner around here in a long while. And they made a great lunch the next day too.

Blogging around this morning, both this, and this made me smile. I hope they make you smile too.

And in creative news, I'm working on a quilt. Some see quilting as an exercise in story-telling  (remember this movie? Better yet, read the book, I seem to remember it was better). My current quilting project, though, is turning out to be more of an interpretive dance...

...stay tuned, there will be more on that later.


  1. This and This made me smile - thanks for that. And the quilt looks interesting...I think I even recognize some of the fabrics...


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