sweater weather

A (machine knit) sweater was maimed in the making of this blog post. 

If this makes you squeamish, read no further!

Spring has most definitely sprung around here recently, and we are shedding our winter coats for those cozy transition-time sweaters...

A few months ago I found this beauty on the sale rack at Anthropologie (no one actually buys anything full-price there, do they?), and I'm finally getting the chance to wear it. It attracts many compliments I must say! It's curvy with lots of detail cabling!

And it got me to thinking about this bottom-drawer dweller of mine that I've had for a couple seasons at least. It's not curvy. It has minimal detail. It really just hangs there loosely, really loosely. Remember the days of over-sized everything? So, it sat in a drawer, which really made me think this sweater and I had nothing to lose.

Poor thing; first thing I did was gut it right up the centre.

Next, I decided to serge some double-fold seam binding to the edge to stabilize it.
Ahem... bad decision.

Round two -- I serged the raw edge (without the binding), folded, pinned, basted, then sewed down the cut edge. I lost the cable detail in the process (it's folded to the inside). Oh well.

Then I gathered the back, added a wide elastic and there she is! Ready to romp!

And now we're all thinking about dancing sweaters, I give you this gem from the early 90's.


  1. Older Sister of Your Man7 April 2014 at 18:34

    Oh my goodness - I've missed you!!!!!!!!!! I don't know if DoOver working at an out-of-the-home-job and going on vacation sits well with me because it means you won't do a post for like, A MONTH!!!!! Your last post was March flipping 3rd for gosh sakes. I don't like going that long without a post - you know I live vicariously through DoOver and dream of all the awesome things I could do.

    Now that I have that out of my system, I love Anthropologie and have never bought anything there because it is too expensive. I love the sweater you bought though. Lovely. Then as I was reading through this post I was going "nnnnnnooooooooooooooooooo", being a knitter and all. You cut your sweater up the most important part and I was thinking, damn it all, DoOver should have talked to me, a knitter, before taking such drastic measures. Then, I managed to persevere through the horror, and gradually calmed down as the beautiful resulted unfolded. I know, there was a graphic warning at the beginning of the post, but I kind of ignored that and so, it was traumatic

    I have to go and wash the 2nd of 3 knitted shawls in Eucalan. I actually do get some stuff done. These are going to Switzerland and have been a year in the making. Better late that never???

    1. Yeah, I knew you would be disturbed by the idea... but that's why I specified it was a "machine knit" sweater -- even I wouldn't have the heart to dismantle something hand-knit. As someone who once knit half a sweater (it's still in my sewing room closet) I am thoroughly impressed by your shawl knitting accomplishments!

    2. Older Sister of Your Man12 April 2014 at 17:22

      Half a sweater eh. Sounds like something that might need some professional help. Is it worth handing over to someone that could potentially finish it up for you?

    3. hmmm. possibly, though I think it looks a bit like something Molly Weasley might wear...

  2. princess of darkness8 April 2014 at 12:22

    i loves it!


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