good bones

I needed a dress for a gala event and good friend gave me this one.

It was one of those dresses she'd worn for several fancy events and then... it ended up in a closet in her mother's house. She was done with it and gave me "carte blanche" to work with it.  As a starting point, it has a good brand name (BCBG), this lovely scallop detail,

and the brown/gold colour scheme really works for me.

But it was too big and a simple "sew up the sides" wasn't going to work. At the same time, Artist Daughter lent me a little black number, which in the end became the style inspiration for this re-do.

So, with a little Nip.

and a Tuck.


In the end, I think I'll go with the plan A -- the borrowed LBD -- but I'm ready for the dressy occasion!


  1. Older Sister of Your Man11 May 2014 at 13:20

    That's awesome! It is beautiful and I hope you get to go to another gala soon. I have a LBD from the 50s that I bought at a, well, not sure how to describe this store in OK Falls which is now out of business, but it had everything - lots of junk but lots of treasures too. I was talking to the owner and for some reason wound up on the very back going through boxes of her old clothes. Not sure what I was looking for, but bought the LBD for $15. It is gorgeous, but for a person with a little longer torso than mine. You and I should trade services some time - you fix up my LBD and I'll finish that sweater of yours that is stashed away in a back closet somewhere. :)


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