and so it begins...

Things are emerging from the garden, so that time of year when "what's for dinner" is determined by what's bursting outside rather than what's in the sale flyer, has begun once again. Yes, it's early days still, but the call of fresh leafy herbs can be heard 'round here. And so I want to share "salsa verde" (literally "green sauce") which is also called chimichurri (the Argentinian garnish for grilled meat). Honestly, it's so forgiving, so adaptable, and provides a nice accent for just about anything (chicken, meat, fish, burgers....) you might wonder how you ever enjoyed a BBQ without it.

This recipe is more or less from this book.

2 spoonfuls capers
some chopped onion
crushed garlic (you know you can never add too much)
a bunch of fresh parsley
a bunch of some other herb -- basil, mint (yuck), cilantro (unless someone in your household has the cilantro-hating gene)
a small spoonful of dijon mustard
juice of half a lemon
enough olive oil to make it a nice consistency

Throw it all in a food processor (go easy on the oil, add more if it needs).