teaching this old dog...

... new tricks!

I'm not much for "New Year's Resolutions", but I do believe in making a plan for the year ahead or at the very least, the next coming months. When I began this blog a very long time ago, my goal was to continue learning new things -- "lifelong learning" is a key defense against age-related disease and, quite honestly, one of the easiest and most rewarding to pursue! So I wanted to share some of the wonderful, and (mostly) free resources I've found for achieving that very goal.

Coursera.org - This amazing service was introduced to me by the brilliant older-sister-of-my-man. There are a mind-boggling number of courses available through this site, FOR FREE! They are produced by educational institutions around the world (ever wanted to say you took a course at Stanford?) and cover a myriad of subject areas. From Beethoven to Neuroscience to Cosmology to Mathematical Biostatistics Boot Camp -- yeah, that's next on my list -- there's something for everyone.  Best of all, your level of commitment to the course is up to you -- want to watch the lectures only? go for it! Want to complete the assignments but have serious test-anxiety? no worries! Feel like going whole hog and getting a certificate for your efforts? Go fill yer boots! I signed up for a Nutrition course last fall. I watched all the lectures and learned a ton. This winter I've signed on for a course on Andy Warhol and another on circadian clocks (well, why not?).

Netflix -- you're already signed on, right? (if not, um, really?) but know that there's more than just movies and TV-series binging to be done there! Check out the various TEDtalks series -- "Chew on This" is the one I'm "devouring" at the moment -- but maybe "Numbers Speak Louder than Words" or "Head Games" is more your thing.... search TEDtalks (one word) in Netflix for a ridiculous number of options.

I could go on.... I'm in the midst of a "phonography" course through photojojo -- this isn't technically free, but they gave me a coupon so it actually was. Little "lessons" are sent to my email account on a regular basis and, yes, they do casually mention various gadgets that could be purchased, but there are a lot of tips and ideas presented as well. Just make self-control one of your "resolutions" and vow not to buy anything when you sign on for a course!

Want to learn about digital photography? see this!  Or if art workshops more your thing -- try this.

Or.... make up your own "course"! I've made a plan to perfect my home bread baking, and all I really need is this great book:

The best part about this one is we get to eat all the assignments! 


  1. Older Sister of Your Man13 January 2015 at 17:37

    What I love about you and your whole family is how creative you all are, and how curious you are about so many things and that you are always learning and growing. What I also love is that you think I'm brilliant.

    1. As you are also family, you're also part of the "learning and growing" crowd -- a good crowd to be in I think!


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