because you can never have too many kitchen gadgets

Let me introduce you to my newest little helper --

IT SLICES!... IT --um .... it.... well, actually all it does is slice.
But in a really nifty way! and in TWO different widths!

Spiralizers are the relatively new kid on the block and if you've ever groaned and rolled your eyes when a recipe called for "julienned whatever", THIS is the gadget for you! Plus it makes ZOODLES, --which are noodles made of zucchini though I only think you'd call them that if you trying to convince a toddler to eat them. Yes, I too thought the whole zucch-noodle thing was a bit of a stretch but if you saute them just a bit they are actually shockingly good.

I won't go so far as to plan every meal around spiralized veggies like this enthusiastic blogger
but, look how pretty dinner prep can be!

As an added bonus, the little veggie end bits that can't be spiralized without doing serious damage to your fingers, are perfect for nibbling while you cook.

(And while I am excited about this little addition to my kitchenware collection, this post was also about practicing what I've learned so far about aperture and shutter. Next up: ISO and colour.)


  1. It really is the best investment in the kitchen right now! Thanks for the linkback :)

    1. You're welcome... I'll be sure to check in with your site for more ideas soon!

  2. princess of darkness26 February 2015 at 21:55

    Can we use this on Saturday?!


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