food for thought

A small collection of stuff to feed your brain and nourish your soul...

Podcasts (get them for free through itunes -- all from National Public Radio):

this american life -- a classic; each week there's a theme and a number of stories around that theme.

Want something a little more science-based? Try radio lab

And if this american life and radio lab had a love child, it would be the new invisibilia


pepperplate -- a place to organize the recipes you find online (many copy over super-fast if you install the "Add to Pepperplate" thingy to your browser), and make a weekly meal planner.

Nutrition facts -- a collection of short (under 5-minute) videos with solid science-based nutrition information like this eye-opening one about the actual benefits of diet versus drugs. This site was recommended to me by our family doctor.


If you, like me, thought documentaries were all a) boring and b) about animals and c) narrated by David Attenborough or Morgan Freeman, I suggest you check these out (both available on Netflix)

Mile, Mile and a Half

Spinning Plates


  1. Older Sister of Your Man2 February 2015 at 08:11

    Hey! Are you trying to smarten us up DoOver?? Well, that's awesome. Thank you for the inspiration and here's to keeping brains healthy.

    1. oh you're already smart enough! Just keeping you entertained!


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