name that quilter!

The lovely little quilting guild I joined last year put out a challenge last meeting asking (begging?) everyone to make a name tag to wear at meetings. Yes it makes that small-talk-at-break-time a little less awkward when you can address that person you've spoken at several meetings before by name... with the added bonus of it also being a little creative expression of who the individual is.

My first run at it involved a hand-embroidered image of a camera and a vague idea of the name on the strap..... but that proved to be too dorky for even me.

The winning design at the end of the day (month, actually, as the next meeting is tomorrow) is, fittingly enough, "dog tags"....!
As this blog always seems to have a dual nature to it, this is also an opportunity to share what I've learned so far about photography... aperture.  The smaller the aperture (or f/stop) number, the larger the opening and the shallower the Depth of Field (in this case I used f/4.0). What that means in practical terms is that part of the photo is in focus and things behind and around get a soft, fuzzy effect, which is why prototype number one above is nicely blurred in the background. Cool, eh?
I've reversed the tags for the photo here; at the meeting my name will be the one in front. 
Next lesson; shutter. 


  1. Older Sister of Your Man20 February 2015 at 17:23

    DOG tags! Brilliant. Could spawn a new line of soft jewelry. Hope you enjoyed the meeting and that you won first prize.

  2. soft jewelry... I like that idea!


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