the uncomfortable quilt

This weekend I am travelling outside my comfort zone.
I am attending a quilting workshop. It's hosted by the wonderful people of the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild, so that's not what makes me uncomfortable. It's that it will be my first quilting workshop.... I've been a real learn-as-I-go-and-make-mistakes kind of a quilter and I have the uneasy sense that I don't even KNOW what it is I don't know about the whole quilt-building process...

It's also that I know I haven't actually finished this little project yet...
Or this one.....
Or this....
And finally, what makes me uncomfortable is that I have no ideas. Zero. I've looked at the inspiration photos for the class. I've looked at boards on Pinterest. I've looked at my collected fabrics and bought some (because they were on sale of course) and still, I don't know what I will make, what colours and combos I will use, what this quilt (pillow? wall-hanging?) will be for....

I've got some blues:
a "few" greens:
Then there are the blue-greens:
or maybe some purples:
The possibilities are endless, which is a good thing, just not very comforting.

Apparently my camera also sensed my discomfort and freaked out a little with the red-couch background in these photos. I'll try for something more soothing when I photograph the follow-up to the workshop, I promise.


  1. Older Sister of Your Man29 March 2015 at 09:18

    Be brave oh Creative Soul and just go and be and do. You will be fabulous as always. As for having "no ideas", you can make me a quilt because the blues, greens, blue-greens and purples are just what I love as you know. AND, I think learning as you go, and not knowing what you don't know, has allowed you to make such beautiful things as the spider quilt because you do break the (silly) "rules" and make something amazing. I bet you will inspire THEM! So, enjoy, be brave and be yourself.

  2. Older Sister of Your Man29 March 2015 at 09:37

    Fun fact - when you want to post a comment on DoOver Dog, you have to prove you are not a robot. Usually the tests are reading and typing a word like "heslpx" and then they verify that you are not a robot and your comment gets posted. Today, in two posts I had to prove I was not a robot by clicking on 2 photos of either pasta or pizza out of 9 photos which were of other food items like hamburgers, sushi, roast beef, cake etc. Guess the robots were beating their other system.....

  3. Older Sister of Your Man29 March 2015 at 09:39

    Yup. They are on a food kick. This time it was pick 2 wine photos out of a bunch of coffee, espresso, latte photos. Okay, enough now.

    1. Apparently you need to be appropriately skilled to comment on the blog... next they'll have you identifying sewing implements!

  4. Older Sister of Your Man18 April 2015 at 10:11

    Hi DoOver. I am ready for some quality Dog entertainment now. How 'bout a new post?


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