let's talk breakfast

Hey you! You should make your own granola! You know you want to!

Super easy, super fast, and you can put in only what you want!

I've spent a ridiculous amount of time in the cereal aisle, reading labels and getting discouraged -- high fat, overly sweet, containing far too many dried fruits for my liking, there's never one with just the right combination.

Until now.

BREAKING NEWS: we interrupt this blog post with the following news flash. The dog is in desperate need of more handmade dish cloths. The ones she has are tattered and torn. So if one my loyal fans happens to be handy with knitting needles, a crochet hook, (or some other means of whipping up a useful square - does tatting work? I have no idea...) AND some free time... they would be much appreciated!

We now return to our regularly (ha!) scheduled blog post, already in progress...

....with this recipe I found in the latest Edible Vancouver magazine... which I won't copy here (in the interest of copyright stuff) but I will link to.

Slightly Savoury Granola

A few notes
  • coconut chips (really large flakes of coconut) are great in this
  • I'm guessing you could use coconut oil instead of butter, if you wanted to (vegan and all that)
  • there is no rule anywhere that says you have to put dried fruit of any kind in your granola. I'm with Joon (of Benny and Joon fame) when she says (while picking the raisins out of her tapioca pudding) "They used to be fat and juicy and now they're twisted. They had their lives stolen. Well, they taste sweet, but really they're just humiliated grapes. I can't say I am a big supporter of the raisin council."
Amen, Joon.
And, if you haven't seen that movie, you need to. If you have, maybe it's time to see it again!


  1. Older Sister of Your Man26 April 2015 at 10:37

    Whoooooaaaaa! This post is speaking to me on so many levels I hardly know where to begin, especially given the fact that my brain is still addled and all.

    First off, I do make my own granola, although I have to admit that I'm out at the moment. Mine is based on the recipe in the Rebar Cookbook for Cranberry Hazelnut Granola. I give mine extra shots of decadence by adding whole pistachios, cashews, goji berries, dried yellow gooseberries (although Dog won't like these two options given the racist raisin comments above), and the piece de resistance = CACAO NIBS!!! This is added after all the baking and cooling of course. It adds little bursts of chocolate in each mouthful. Make sure you get the nibs, and not the beans. Yummy.

    Now to the mind warp that I went in to at your breaking news. The jarring nature of "breaking news" worked beautifully. It set me off on a search in my stash for the right materials to fulfill Dog's request - now!! Took some energy to get back on track with the rest of the post....now where was I?? Oh right! I actually know two people that fit the job description. One is typing this as I think, the other is at Menagerie Gardens creating new handmade dish clothes as I type. Just sayin'. Having said all that, since I have so much time on my hands at the moment, I have a feeling that I will get right on that!! The last thing I need is a Desperate Dog. Might take away from the creation of regular (hah!) Dog posts.

    Then, we come to Benny and Joon. It is a good one indeed. Anything to do with Johnnie Depp is a good thing. I might not have time for that though, given that I have Netflix and have plowed through Call the Midwife, Brooklyn 99 (recommended by the Extroverted Twin) and am in to Land Girls now.

    Well, I'm tuckered out now by all this excitement. Gotta go lie down. Looking forward to the next post which will hopefully feature my present which was posted on DoOver Dog's Instagram yesterday :)

    1. Girl! You're gonna need your own blog if you're going to leave comments as long as this!

  2. Middle sister6 May 2015 at 14:28

    Haven't seen the movie yet but had a go at the granola (at least oldest daughter and her boyfriend made it for me) and it was delish!

    1. Glad you tried it! I made another kind this week (no oats!). Search for "blissful buckwheat granola clusters" at ohsheglows.com

      And watch the movie...!


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