5 days in September

-- part one --   

(bonus points to anyone who gets the Canadian musical reference in this post title!)

We went to the cabin. This first post (one of two) is a sampling of photos from explorations near Mount Savona where the hardiest of wildflowers, and a few tough cacti, were hanging on to the last of summer. Night temperatures dipped below freezing during our stay and the squirrels were in a frenzy of peanut hoarding; there’s no doubt fall has arrived.

and yes, cacti grow here!

Coming up in the next post:


  1. 5 days in May by Blue Rodeo - thanks for the hint! Really, really great photography! Wish I was there...

    1. Bravo! The album cover, "5 Days in July" would also have been an acceptable response... And thank you for the photo compliment!

    2. Older Sister of Your Man24 September 2015 at 11:36

      Fantastic photography. Even looking at your photos from the stunningly beautiful Swiss Alps they are gorgeous. Looking forward to the next post which I'm guessing is about a painting job you and you and Your Man did at the cabin.


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